For what it’s worth…

This is catharsis.

I have lots of opinions, ideas and stories floating around in my head, and it feels better if I just get them out.   Those of you who know me know I am fond of quotes (and those rattle around in my head, too.)  So, here are a few quotes that are relevant to this site.

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas, and throw away the bad ones.  Linus Pauling.  (It is your job to throw away the bad ones.)

Often wrong, never in doubt.  Said of George W. Bush.

Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.  Mark Twain and Maxine Payne Harding.

So, my mother will be distressed.

Another motivation is that I have often written letters to our local paper, but sometimes I don’t submit them, and when I do sometimes they are not printed.  The paper seems to like to print letters that are inflammatory–I suppose that helps with circulation.  I don’t mind inflaming opinion from time to time; I’ve done it and it is kind of fun.  (And, it seems to help my chances for publication.)  But, there is more value in constructive and informative writing; the inflammatory stuff will not change any minds.  I’ve said for a long time that what I want to read is something that is true that I didn’t know before.   Anyway,  on this site I can publish what I want, whether it is informative, insightful or just inflammatory.  I’ll try to make it true, and once in a while it might be new to you.

Maybe you will like some of this site, and maybe you won’t.  But, remember, you are not forced to come here.   As I learn more about this web stuff I will try to make it easier for you to separate ideas, opinions and stories.  That way you will be able to avoid the opinions if they make you mad, or avoid the stories if they don’t get you worked up enough.

I do hope you enjoy the photographs (as they come), which go back 60 years in a few cases.

Update, December 6, 2015.  I’ve now got the site set up so that you aren’t blasted with opinions when you enter.  The choice is yours.